Wordnik API FAQ

Got a question not in this list? Email us at apiteam@wordnik.com so we can add it!

Account Questions
How do I get an API key?

To get a Wordnik API key, first go sign up for a Wordnik.com account, and validate your email address. Then sign up here.

Help! I can't find my API key!

You can find your Wordnik API key on your API dashboard.

I want to change to a paid plan or change the paid plan I'm using. How do I do this?

If you already have a paid plan, you can change your Wordnik API plan from your API dashboard. To start a paid plan, visit the Pricing page.

I need to update my billing details for my paid plan.

You can update your billing details from your API dashboard.

My API key isn't working! What do I do?

Email us at apiteam@wordnik.com with your Wordnik username, and we'll check it out. Remember that we reserve the right to turn off keys that are exceeding our limits, that don't obey our attribution requirements, that have been accidentally or deliberately made public, or that show other signs of abuse, at our sole discretion.

Application Questions
Can I charge money for an app that uses your API?

Absolutely. We want your product or service to be successful! We do ask that if you have a commercial app (beyond the proof-of-concept stage) that you upgrade to a paid API plan, so that we can continue to provide our API service.

Do keep in mind that your app cannot be a duplicate of the Wordnik API itself!

Here are some examples of acceptable paid or free apps and sites:

  • quiz or educational apps and sites
  • dictionary or thesaurus apps
  • domain name finders or product-naming apps and sites
  • word games
  • apps or sites to help people beat their friends at word games

If you aren't sure whether or not your app qualifies, ask yourself: "Is my app or service a clone of the Wordnik API?" If not, you're probably good. Still not sure? Please email us at apiteam@wordnik.com.

My app needs offline access to data. What are my options?

Users with a paid API plan can temporarily cache display text (not the raw data sent from our API) for offline use. We do not allow caching of any data with the Basic Plan.

We also offer a downloadable dataset of nearly 200,000 words and definitions optimized for use in word games. You can find more information about that dataset here.

I want to make sure I've got the data attribution right in my app. Can someone from Wordnik take a look?

Absolutely. Please send screenshots to apiteam@wordnik.com. Unfortunately, we are unable to install applications.

I'd like to use your API but my company requires you to sign our contract if we do so. How do I get in touch with your lawyer?

Unfortunately we are not able to amend our terms of service for users on the Basic, Hobby, or Pro plans. Depending on the adjustment, some separate agreements may be possible for users with Enterprise plans. If you have significantly different requirements, please email us at apiteam@wordnik.com!

My app is non-profit/non-commercial and I need higher limits than offered on the Basic plan—what do I do?

We're happy to chat with you about raising your limits! Please email us at apiteam@wordnik.com and include a link to your app (or at least a description) and any other information you think we might need.

Please note that we do not automatically raise limits for personal or private apps.

Wordnik Questions
Why isn't the Wordnik API 100% free anymore?

Now that Wordnik is a non-profit we have to support our mission—to find and share data about every single word of English!—by charging for our API services.

We spend thousands of dollars every month to provide our API and web services, and donations and grants offset very little of our expenses.

In addition, changes to our data licensing agreements mean that we can no longer offer some datasets completely free of charge to API users.

How can I help support Wordnik?

We're glad you asked!

If you find the Wordnik API useful and want to support our work, we encourage you to subscribe to a paid API plan.

You can also support Wordnik by donating directly, adopting a word or buying a Wordnik t-shirt!

If you're interested in contributing datasets or code, please email us at apiteam@wordnik.com or follow us on Github.